Georgia Single Sideband Association

Serving Amateur Radio Since 1960

Check into the voice of the Association, the Georgia Single Sideband Net, nightly on 3975 kHz at 2300 UTC.
Summer (Eastern Daylight Savings Time) – 7 pm
Winter (Eastern Standard Time) – 6 pm

Welcome to the online home of the Georgia Single Sideband Association. Have a look around.

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The FCC is proposing a fee of $50 per application to include new licenses, upgrades, renewals and vanity call signs.

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Time Change

The time will change to Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, November 1st 2020.  On that date set your clocks back one hour.  We use 2300 UTC and that means that on November 1st the GA SSB Net will begin at 6:00pm.

Current Net Control Roster

Sunday – KU4SD, Garrett
Monday – KF4TC, Chris
Tuesday – KE4VPD, George
Wednesday – KN4QJ, Frank
Thursday – WW4DW, David
Friday – KI4NGD, Huey
Saturday – WJ4Z, Dana
Alternate – N4EMM, Tag

Current Officers and Board Members

President / NM – Frank Hobbs, KN4QJ
Vice President – Phil Bracewell, K4RTZ
Secretary / Treasurer – Garrett Gonella, KU4SD
Directors – George Young, KE4VPD
& David Warren, WW4DW

Net Historian – Charles Pennington, K4GK