Georgia Single Sideband Association

Serving Amateur Radio Since 1960

Check into the voice of the Association, the Georgia Single Sideband Net, nightly on 3975 kHz at 2300 UTC.
Summer (Eastern Daylight Savings Time) – 7 pm
Winter (Eastern Standard Time) – 6 pm


Please note that this is not a complete list of Association Presidents.  If you know of any other presidents names, call signs, last names of those listed, etc. please email me (Frank Hobbs) with the information at  I also need assistance with the order and year(s) served as president.

Thanks to Charles Pennington, K4GK, for his assistance.

W4BOL     Lamar Hill

K4AUM     Al Allrad

KA4HHE   Dot Fennell

W4HON    Jim Piper

W9NXC    Gene Sprayberry

W4TJS       Jack Farr

K4JNL       Eddy Kosobucki

K4GK        Charles Pennington

K4BG        Bob Good

W4ZVX     Bob Wilbanks

K4OUB     Bee Echols

K4IZO       Len Baines

K4ZYK      Carl (Nick) Nichols

K4MDC    Gary Chambers

K5TF         Dick Baxter

N4DZV     Mickey Robinson

WA4BZY  Quent Nelson – 1979

KF4FG      John Norwick – 1988

KK4OJ      Ray Knittel – 1989

WB4LBM  Jim Foust – 1990

N4OTC     Harold Jones – 1991

KN4NG    George White – 1992

N4CYC     Rick Redman – 1994

WB4CJB   Ellie Waters – 1996

W1BPP    Dale Culp – 1998

K4RIM     Gaston Foskey – 2002

W1BPP    Dale Culp – 2003

KE4VPD   George Young – 2013 – 2018

KN4QJ      Frank Hobbs – 2018 – Present